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The Winning Academy Programs

Designed to help your child grow and thrive

  • For those parents who need to be at work early, we have a solution. We offer Before Care to all children that attend The Winning Academy. Before Care opens at 6:30am and it even includes breakfast! Don’t miss out! ​ * Check out tuition and fees for more details.

  • For those parents that work late and are unable to pick their child up right after school, we have a plan for you! After Care starts right after school and lasts until 5:30pm.​ Your child will have a fun-filled time enjoying the festivities we have in store for them. They will also have time for homework. Snacks are included! * Check out tuition and fees for more details.

  • We also offer Physical Education! The entire school body participates in P.E. every Friday. After P.E. students are allowed to shop at the concessions table for snacks to help them refuel. Come and join the fun!

  • Art classes begin in September from 2nd grade and up.