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The Winning Academy Admission Process

A straightforward admission process for every family
Learn more about what you and your child can expect

  • A. Health form submitted for students in K-4 through 1st grade:

    • Copy of student’s birth certificate
    • Certificate of immunization (Georgia Form 3231)
    • Certificate of Eye, Ear, and Dental Exam (Georgia Form 3300)

    B. New vaccination requirements:

    • Pneumoccocal Conjugate Vaccine is require for all children less than 5 years of age who are attending child care facilities, Head Start, or Pre-K Programs.
    • Hepatitis A Vaccine or proof of serologic immunity is required for all children born on or after January 1, 2006 and who are attending child care facilities programs, or school.  *Additional doses to existing vaccine requirements for children entering Kindergarten, 6th or new entrant in any grade (Kindergarten – 12th).​
    • Certificate of Eye, Ear, and Dental Exam (Georgia Form 3300)
    • Mumps 2nd dose required or proof of serologic immunity.
    • Two doses of varicella should have been administered to all students prior to their entry to K5.
  • Finances must be current prior to the start of the new school year. No students will be admitted with an outstanding balance from the previous year.

  • Testing is mandatory for all new K5 students. Other students are determined by the Administrator.

    • Students must be 4-years of age prior to December 1st to enter K-4. (Must provide a copy of student’s birth certificate).
    • Parents must agree to submit their children to the discipline and overall program of the school as outlined in the student handbook. Parents and students must sign and agree to abide by the “TWA Standards of Conduct.”
  • All students are accepted on a six-week trial basis.